Lemur Framework is a proof-of-concept tiny GPL high performance PHP framework. It is based on the MVC pattern.

Is it ready to use?

No. Although there are people running production sites with this code, the framework is in experimental state and is not ready for production. It has no documentation and no community. If you are looking for a good framework for your project, we recommend you to check Symfony or the Zend Framework.

Why starting another framework?

We initially developed this code for performance reasons, to replace a few URLs in the Drupal implementation for the motogp.com site. Then we went on adding features: theming, a forms API and, in our point of view, some of the best concepts of Drupal.

Why using Lemur (actually, not recommended)

  • Easy to learn. Read all the code in one day.
  • Tiny, flexible and easy to extend core.
  • Very similar to write plain PHP -- with some help.
  • GPL code - free to use and modify.


Download the 'stable' release on github.

Download Javier Linares' sandbox on github.


  • Multisite support: Single code with support for different configuration, modules and themes per domain.
  • Initial theming system.
  • Initial Forms API support.
  • Database API with Master-Slave support.
  • Caching API working with memcached.
  • TTLs API to integrate with Varnish/CDNs.
  • Localization (with gettext).